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Casement Window Description

When higher performance values are required, the Diamond Series delivers with standard Triple Pane 1 3/8” overall glass thickness. Diamond Series offers a complete line up of Casement, Awning, Fixed and Picture windows with the same great quality and features as our Platinum series with improved energy-efficiency.

Casement Window Features

  • Triple glazed standard
  • 1 3/8” overall glass thickness
  • 1/2” air chambers that can be filled with argon gas
  • New multi-point hardware design
  • 3 1/4” precision mitered, fusion welded frame
  • Overlap screen frame
  • Opens to 90 degrees for easy-cleaning

Casement Window Specifications

  • Triple Glazed Standard: 1 3/8” overall glass thickness provides the best energy-efficiency in a window.
  • 1/2" Air Chambers: 2 chambers that are able to be filled with Argon Gas to improve efficiency
  • Multi-Point Locking System: Placed in easy to reach locations on the window, opens to a full 180 degrees for no obstruction.
  • Fusion welded sash and frame: Frame is precision-mitered, and then fusion welded using heat and pressure. This ensures a virtually inseparable bond and a square window.


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Casement window

Awning Window Description

The Platinum Series Awning window comes in both double and triple glazed options. Much like a casement, this window is one of the most energy efficient options, utilizing a scissor hinge to open the window from the bottom.

Depending on the options selected, our Platinum Awning Windows are capable of achieving an ER value of 36 and are suitable in both residential and light commercial applications. Want even more energy savings? Explore our Diamond Line Awning Windows for even more energy efficiency.

Awning Windw Specifications

  • Frame Depth: The Platinum Series Awning has a 3 ¼” standard frame depth that can be customized with various jam sizes.
  • Multi-Point Locking Hardware: Placed in easy to reach locations on the window, opens to a full 180 degrees for no obstruction.
  • Heavy-Duty Handle: The premium fold-down handle tucks away for maximum space on the inside, and less interference with blinds
  • Full Screen with Overlapping Frame: Keeps bugs and debris outside and eliminates light gaps. Easily removable for cleaning.

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