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1. What is a replacement window?

A replacement window is a window that is custom built to fit into the opening of an existing window. It's built to fit that opening precisely and can be installed without disturbing the interior and exterior trim. It can modernize and upgrade the design of the existing window and, in most cases, will provide additional strength and energy efficiency benefits.

2. Why has vinyl become the most popular framing option?

The technology of vinyl extrusion has advanced significantly over recent years, enabling it to become the material that is not only the most energy efficient but also the easiest to maintain. Vinyl has proven to be practical as well as beautiful. Aurora Windows and Doors window and door products are designed and manufactured with optimum efficiency considerations utilizing the latest technology available in the industry today.

3. What are the advantages of vinyl windows opposed to wood or metal?

Aside from beauty and design considerations and general architectural preference of vinyl, its major advantage is the cost saving achieved through better energy efficiency. Another major advantage is that homeowners never need to paint vinyl window frames, which results in a saving of both money and work.

4. Will my vinyl frame windows pay for themselves?

If you choose a high quality, energy efficient window such as the ones available from Aurora Windows and Doors, your initial investment can be regained over time, through the reduction of your heating and cooling costs. Numerous airtight construction features and advanced glazing in Aurora Windows and Doors window units do a much more effective job of sealing cold air out and keeping heated air in.

5.  Vinyl windows look alike, how do I tell the difference?

The major difference between Aurora Windows and Doors windows and lower quality vinyl windows is in the internal construction of its components, specifically of the sash and frame. When looking at different products, ask your dealer to show you the structural components of the window and to explain how the window seals the airflow from inside the home.

6. What about glazing? Are all Low-e coatings the same?

No, not all coatings are the same. There are different Low-e coatings that allow you to customize the performance of the glass based upon the location of the window in the home. Some coatings will allow more heat to enter your home than other coatings which will prevent heat from entering.  This gives you the opportunity to control the comfort of each room individually, thus minimizing your energy consumption and lowering your costs. The Aurora Windows and Doors Solar Solutions glazing options allow you to customize the comfort and performance of each opening, maximizing your investment.

7. Do vinyl window systems reduce condensation?

Vinyl windows can help control the problem. Moisture vapor in the air condenses when it comes in contact with a cooler surface. A high quality vinyl window system that incorporates the latest warm edge technology glazing will help to reduce condensation, because it keeps the edges at a more consistent temperature. When the hot and cold differences of the glass are minimized, the amount of condensation is also reduced.

8. Can vinyl frame window and glass units reduce outside noise?

All windows and doors will reduce outside noise to some degree. If noise reduction is a concern, the best solution is to use Aurora Windows and Doors's Safe Vision laminated glass. This will improve the noise reduction by as much as 100% over a standard glass pack.

9. Will vinyl frame window and glass units protect against forced entry?

If security is a concern, there are ways to maximize the security of your windows and doors. With the largest exposure to entry of a window or door being the glass, the latest concept available is laminated glass packs. These are designed to withstand multiple blows with a heavy object and still stay intact. Our Safe Vision glass can withstand 30 to 40 direct hits with a baseball bat and not break out of the frame.